Inventory and Schedule of condition: A detailed inventory report is a vital document for both Landlords and Tenants during the tenancy process. As with any contractual agreement involving temporary use of a product or service, a detailed record of the assets condition is essential. This is particularly important for high value investments such as properties where a wide range of factors may lead to the devaluation of the property. An inventory report can only be considered sufficient evidence when all relevant information pertaining to the condition of the property is documented in a detailed yet succinct manner. This helps avoid a lengthy disputes process allowing for all relevant evidence to be easily presented should the need arise. Usually deductions in the deposit are contested due to cleanliness, maintenance repair and missing/damaged items. DEA is the market leader in the inventory field with a portfolio expanding across the largest clients in the property market. As such, clients can be confident in the knowledge that managed properties are comprehensively catalogued.