DEA Inventories  is an independent inspection service provider which offers intricate, reliable and detailed property reports and services. We operate in the thriving West Midlands rental market.


Renting a property can be stressful and tricky for Landlords and Tenants. Besides the countless regulations and procedures encountered when letting a new property on the rental market. There are often countless issues that arise throughout the tenancy. Has the property been independently evaluated and inspected to ensure all items have been documented with their conditions prior to tenancy? Who should be to blame in the event of damage and maintenance problems? Is there a major change to the property which needs to be addressed? Have any items been added/replaced or removed from the property? Does the property require any maintenance or cleaning prior to the landlord reacquiring it?

Since the introduction of the Deposit Protection Scheme on 6th April 2007 many deposit scheme providers now recommend the use of an Independent Inventory company which specialises in carrying out detailed inspections.

In the event of such disputes DEA acts as a vital lifeline to ensure there is enough evidence to leave no room for ambiguity through our detailed property descriptions and glossary of images.